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One of the new features in Notebook 11 is SMART Ink. This tool is always available while connected to a SMART Board. With SMART Ink you can annotate over a web page or another program and Notebook doesn’t  have to be running! No, board tools do not need to be running, but you must be connected to a SMART Board. You can choose the pen color and you also have the option use the calligraphic styled pen. Additionally, the highlighter pen, eraser, screen capture, and clear ink tools are all conveniently available from the drop-down.




  The SMART Ink tab is available on the active window and can be moved anywhere along the perimeter of the active window. Yes, you can drag it to the bottom center of the window or the left, right. There are instances where you’ll appreciate such mobility. For instance, when you have eight or more browser tabs open the icon can get in the way of those tabs. Moving the icon to the right or bottom side of the window may be a convenient placement for the icon until you realize that it shares the same pixel space as the scroll bars. The left side of the window is often where tools and tabs reside, so you may find the same screen real estate conflict on this area of your screen. Sure, this is getting a little picky, but what if I want to just turn it off? The answer is simple: you cannot turn off SMART Ink. Don’t panic! For those willing to venture into the area of your computer that compels me to provide the standard, “you attempt these steps at your own risk” there is a solution. The simple solution to this problem is disconnect the board. Since SMART Ink requires that a board be connected in order to work, all you need to do is remove the USB cable from your computer or USB hub. This may not be convenient for one of many reason, so let’s look at how to shut off SMART Ink in both Windows and OS X.

In Windows

In this example we’ll use Windows Task Manager to stop SMART Ink. Start the Task Manager by simultaneously pressing the Ctrl+Alt+Del keys and selecting Task Manager from the list.

The Windows Task Manger opens with Processes as the active tab. Find SMARTInk.exe under Image Name by scrolling through the list. Hint: Double clicking on the heading (Image Name) sorts the list alphabetically. Once you’ve found SMARTInk.exe left click it once and then left click End Process. That’s it, you’re done! How to I get it back? Turn on SMART Ink.


Windows Command Prompt

Feeling a little adventurous? The command line is the antithesis of the graphical interface Windows provides. Who wants to type a line of text when you can just click on an icon? Well, there are many of you out there and you know who you are, but this isn’t for you. These instructions are provided for those who want to identify and connect with the inner geek they never knew was there. I am not liable if after following these instructions you have a sudden and uncontrollable urge to install a Linux distro and sudo your way to nirvana ; )

Click on the START menu

Enter ‘cmd’ (without the quotes) as shown.

Don’t press ENTER! Instead, use Ctrl+Shift + Enter

The command window will open and you’ll see that you’ve successfully started the window as administrator by the information in the title bar:


Now, enter the command shown below. I’ve typed it below the image which will allow you to copy and paste. You’re welcome : )

taskkill /IM SMARTInk.exe /F

There, you go. SMART Ink is no longer running.

Turn SMART Ink back on

Now that you have successfully stopped the program, how do you start it again when you need to use the features? In Windows, simply click on the START button and select ALL PROGRAMS

Scroll down to and left click on the SMART Technologies Folder. Now left click on SMART Ink.

As long as your computer is connected to a SMART Board, SMART Ink will restart.

Mac OS X

Open the Activity Monitor found in the Utilities folder.
Similar to Windows Task Manager, click on SMART Ink under the Process Name and then click Quit Process found in the upper left corner of the window. To restart SMART Ink, open FINDER and click on Applications and scroll down to the SMART Technologies folder. Expand the folder and double click SMART Ink. Remember, you must be connected to a board for SMART Ink to work. Now you can stop and start SMART Ink at your convenience. Linux users rejoice, Notebook 11 is scheduled to be released by year’s end!


Ray Sahagun

Ray Sahagun is a graduate student at Southern Utah University seeking a Masters in Education. He earned a B.A. in Communication from California State University, Fresno in 2002. He has taught Third, Fourth, and Fifth grade students over four years in the classroom. Ray's background is in telecommunications and he has worked in customer service, provisioning, and was a supervisor of technicians in a network operations center. Driven by the belief that technology can open many doors for students that have previously remained closed, Ray looks for meaningful ways to integrate technology into classrooms. Ray is an Education Solution Specialist at The Chariot Group, Inc.

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  8 Responses to “SMART Ink”

  1. Thank you so much for this tutorial! It isn’t feasible for my computer to be running it all the time (I have to end Smart Ink and Smart Response often), but I never knew how to turn it back on. This is a lifesaver!

  2. Hi Ray,
    thanks for your help with this! Our staff has asked about this as well. Another way I’ve found that “sticks” fo a more permanent solution for Windows 7 users is this:
    1. click on the Windows ‘Start’ button
    2. in the ‘search’ bar, type in “msconfig”
    3. click on the ‘Startup’ tab
    4. untick the checkbox next to the startup item: “SMARTInk”
    5. click ‘Apply’ and ‘OK’

    This will keep Smart Ink from starting up in the future, unless you recheck the box again.

  3. Thanks for your comments, Liz and Jake. Actually, with the latest update (Notebook 11 SP1) SMART has added the ability to turn SMART Ink on and off right from the SMART Ink drop down icon (in Windows only). Check out Bob Jackman’s post on how to get the update (Notebook 11 SP1) here:

    Then watch my video on the updated features included with NB 11 SP1 here:

  4. avatar

    Hi Ray. On our MacBook Pro’s running 10.6.8 and Notebook 11, we can’t get SMART Ink to automatically start up with the computer. We have to manually go in and start SMART Ink. We have a couple of teachers here that use that frequently and would like it to be there and ready at start up. It is in the Login items under accounts, but still won’t start automatically. Any thoughts?

  5. avatar


    I’m having problems with smart board. we teach airline students how to use our product. we have multiple screens open at a time the issue I have is I can’t get the smart ink to work on other screens except the main one. any ideas on how to fix this or am I doing something wrong.


  6. avatar

    Steven, I guess I’m not sure what you mean by multiple Screens. You have more than one Smartboard? Or a Smartboard and a couple of other screens on the same computer? Give me some more information, or better yet, make a video and send it to me so I can better understand what is going on. -Bob

  7. avatar

    Although being able to turn it on and off is great, my problem now is that there is no tab when it IS on. Occasionally it doesn’t allow me to write even though it is on, according to Task manager. I have uninstalled and re-installed, checked for update both hardware and software; the computer is more than adequate to handle it and it is Windows 7. What could be causing this glitch? I also have Microsoft popping a little blue box up, telling me that ‘Microsoft ink cannot work right now’ which baffles me further.

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