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Stephanie Haydn, Director, Business Development

Stephanie Haydn,

Account Manager

Stephanie is a business development and relationship expert with more than 15 years in Relationship Management, Public Relations, Marketing and Sales. She boasts a proven record of strong relationship building and strategic planning that result in the positive positioning of organizations through demonstrated commitments to stakeholders and communities, engaging for both partnerships that result in growth. Finding solutions to meet the needs of her clients energizes Stephanie. Her love for Alaska and its communities has created a passion and built relationships that serve as an engine to strategic partnering for excellence.

Stephanie attended Alaska Pacific University and is a Veteran of the United States Army. While serving in the Army, Stephanie deployed as a Broadcast Journalist and Public Affairs Specialist in Kuwait and Honduras. She finished her military career at Ft. Greely Alaska where she fell in love with our great state and has remained ever since

Jeff Shutt, Integrated Solutions Manager

Jeff Shutt,

Integrated Solutions Manager

Jeff loves Alaska and wants to ensure the state has a viable economy for years to come so his kids and grandkids have the opportunity to enjoy it with him. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and has been in the audiovisual industry since 2004. He knows, without a doubt, that businesses need to excel in communication and efficiencies in order to thrive and, to that end, he is committed to providing innovative and pragmatic solutions for his clients.

Jeff embraces working in the digital age and enjoys having the conversation with clients as to how they can better connect people and ideas.

Jeff Shutt provides consultation, design and services for higher education and enterprise organizations in Alaska.

Dan Johnson, Senior Account Manager

Dan Johnson,

Senior Account Manager

Dan began his career in this industry in 2008 and, from day one, has been passionate about organizational effectiveness and improvement. He is committed to gaining a thorough understanding of his clients’ vision and their quest for optimizing efficiency and effectiveness.

Dan appreciates the value of time and recognizes the importance of capitalizing on this resource in innovative and creative ways. As a Senior Account Manager, Dan knows how to improve business productivity, communication and collaboration; he is dedicated to providing valuable ideas regarding emerging technology so his clients can enjoy positive business outcomes while making the most of the time they have.

Dan Johnson provides consultation, design and services for higher education and enterprise organizations in Alaska.

Heather Cortez,

Senior Account Manager, Education

Heather has been with The Chariot Group since 2005. She considers working in this industry to be a bit like living on the Starship Enterprise and enjoys the constant innovation and change to products and solutions. She is passionate about education, specifically, providing optimum learning opportunities for our children. That being said, she has dedicated her career to working with and among education leaders to positively enable future generations.

Heather is committed to nurturing the philosophies and attitudes needed to embrace technology and change, and enjoys speaking about and educating the K-12 community on how they can better instruct and engage their kids.

Heather Cortez provides consultation, design and services for the K-12 market in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Utah and Washington.

Casey Kirkeby

Account Manager

Casey is a confident and highly motivated account manager with over 10 years experience in business relationship management. A dedicated individual with a strong work ethic, he has a proven track record of first class account handling and client satisfaction. Casey excels at identifying business needs by quickly understanding the mission, vision and values of an organization. Casey provides solutions that help improve business and take business communication to the next level.

In his free time, Casey enjoys skiing, hiking, biking and spending time with his family

Casey Kirkeby provides consultation, design and services for higher education and enterprise organizations in Alaska.