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William Barnes, Account Manager

Bill Barnes,

Account Manager

Bill has been in the industry since 2002 and with TCG since 2008. While he began in K-12 and Higher Education markets, he now is a trusted advisor for the Enterprise markets. Although not a techie and more of a motorhead, Bill loves the opportunity to show clients the amazing benefits of Technology in Conference Rooms, Auditoriums, Classrooms, and Training facilities.

Bill loves that in a world that is so large and complex, technology can bring people and ideas together. He jokes about missing out on the donuts and potlucks with his colleagues in Alaska but appreciates that technology otherwise keeps him well informed and connected with his team. He appreciates that technology enables him to effectively meet with clients across the states and enjoys that it also lights up the eyes and minds of engaged children and employees.

Bill Barnes provides consultation, design and services for higher education and enterprise organizations in Idaho and Utah.

Sharon Schaugaard, Account Manager

Sharon Schaugaard,

Account Manager

Sharon began her career in this industry in 2003 and is committed to helping ensure children grow into responsible members of the community. She believes schools and educators provide a strong foundation by which children can obtain the knowledge they need to succeed in life.

In her role as Account Manager, Sharon is dedicated to assisting educational stakeholders with embracing, implementing and capitalizing on emerging technologies so students receive a powerful and valuable learning experience.

Sharon Schaugaard provides consultation, design and services for the K-12 market in Idaho, Oregon, Utah and Washington.

Heather Cortez,

Senior Account Manager, Education

Heather has been with The Chariot Group since 2005. She considers working in this industry to be a bit like living on the Starship Enterprise and enjoys the constant innovation and change to products and solutions. She is passionate about education, specifically, providing optimum learning opportunities for our children. That being said, she has dedicated her career to working with and among education leaders to positively enable future generations.

Heather is committed to nurturing the philosophies and attitudes needed to embrace technology and change, and enjoys speaking about and educating the K-12 community on how they can better instruct and engage their kids.

Heather Cortez provides consultation, design and services for the K-12 market in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Utah and Washington.