Our Founders

Rick Thomas, President and Chief Executive Office

Rick Thomas,

President and Chief Executive Office

“Put-up or shut-up!” That was Rick’s internal dialog when he founded The Chariot Group in September of 1999. Always intrigued by business, innovation and leadership, he often found himself being an armchair quarterback when working with other businesses. At that time, there was a lot of talk about a “new digital economy” and he saw an opportunity to be part of an emerging industry.

His goal: build a company in an evolving market while maintaining a firm commitment to the time tested fundamentals of good business: respectful relationships, quality work and profitability.

A lot has changed within the audiovisual industry over the years and Rick has definitely grown and evolved with it. Today, Rick and The Chariot Group’s team provide advice, consultation, design and installation of the latest and most efficient audiovisual technologies in addition to providing trusted and quality support services.

Colleagues have told Rick that he thrived in business because he “embraces change.” While he agrees, he also credits his success to his commitment to building and maintaining positive relationships. He believes in strong relationships, he believes in business and organization sustainability and profitability, he believes in continual learning and he believes in ongoing analysis and improvement. These beliefs have supported Rick throughout his career and are the backbone of The Chariot Group’s commitment to connect people and ideas.

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Denise Thomas, Chief Financial Officer

Denise Thomas,

Chief Financial Officer

“Seriously?” That was what Denise said when Rick came up with the idea of starting their own business back in the late 90s. As the folklore goes, she fended him off for quite some time as she plugged away at her job in Finance for a telecommunications firm.

But Rick is persistent and Denise, while comfortable in her full-time role, never backs down from a challenge. When The Chariot Group opened its doors in the fall of 1999, Denise was committed to ensuring this fledgling business had efficient accounting protocols, and, if she had anything to do with it, nearly perfect financial books.

As the business grew, so did Denise’s interests in process, quality and continued improvement. Today, she not only serves as the Chief Financial Officer but also utilizes her talents and eye for detail in ensuring the organization’s processes are efficient and utilizing data and analytics to identify vulnerabilities and trends. She heads up a team responsible for quality improvement and works diligently to improve processes and service standards so clients and employees alike have a value-added experience.

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