Service Team

Les Secrest, Manager, Solution Services

Les Secrest,

Manager, Solution Services

Les joined The Chariot Group in 2017 as the Solution Service Manager and is responsible for the expanding Service Department and the new Digital Services Department.

Les’ experience includes 17 years in the broadcasting industry as a hands-on chief engineer for commercial television and radio stations. This was followed by 20 years working in the University of Alaska system. His duties included designing, building and maintaining classrooms, auditoriums, video conference rooms and distant delivery control rooms on both the Fairbanks and Anchorage campuses.

Les received his BS in Electrical Engineering from UAF.

Jeff Anderson

Jeff Anderson,

Supervisor, Support Services

Jeff has been serving the Alaska business community since 2007 and joined The Chariot Group in 2009. While he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in History at The University of Montana, he now enjoys the innovative and cutting edge “future” world of technology. He enjoys the audiovisual industry as it provides constant fodder to his curious nature and he appreciates the opportunity to learn about and share knowledge regarding industry products, system design and installation.

Jeff has both a passion and talent for effective communication, organization and logic and, as a member of the Support Services Team, he is able to coordinate an efficient team approach to problem solving. Jeff is focused on coordinating and providing valuable solutions and is driven by his quest to optimize the client’s investment into collaborative technology.

Nichole Rogers

Nicole (Niki) Rogers,

Service Coordinator

Niki Rogers ensures her customers don’t look foolish, are able to get their work done effectively, and are never left in a bind. Her powers for doing so are empathy, curiosity and service! By getting to know her customers, learning about their work, and striving to understand how the work gets done, Niki is better able to serve them and get them back on their game. Her many years doing inventory control for a big box retail establishment gave her “just in time” expertise and proficiency for TCG’s service department when she joined the team in 2014. Niki has since “caught the AV bug” in that she knows the continuous innovation of hardware and software will satisfy her quest for learning. Meanwhile, the evolution of the industry creates a constant need for client assistance, education and service, which fulfills Niki’s desire to help others.

Niki knows the possibilities in expanding and exemplifying The Chariot Group’s service program and is excited to play an integral role in ensuring its clients can continue to better connect their people and their ideas.

Logan Ketterling. Service Coordinator

Logan Ketterling,

Service Coordinator

Logan is a tinkerer! While he’s only been in this industry since 2014, he has enjoyed taking things apart, seeing how they work, and putting them back together again since he was a child; truly, logic and resourcefulness are part of his genetic makeup! Logan can’t remember a time when he wasn’t using technology for fun, to communicate, to research or to learn and he knows that innovative technological solutions will help businesses, schools and the professionals within them meet their objectives.

Logan enjoys solving problems so he’s at home in The Chariot Group’s Service Center because his clients have dilemmas that need to be fixed! Whether it’s a teacher who needs help with his software or an IT Manager who has a non-responsive control system, Logan serves as a relevant and helpful resource.

Robyn Allen, Service Coordinator

Robyn Allen,

Service Coordinator

Robyn has been with The Chariot Group since 2014. She attended school at the University of Montana before moving to Utah in 1995. She has over 10 years of experience assisting both clients and team members. She enjoys getting to know her clients and strives to give them a positive experience working with The Chariot Group.

In her free time, Robyn enjoys horseback riding, running, and spending time with her husband and children.

Alex Roman, Service Coordinator

Alex Roman,

Service Coordinator

Alex joined the Chariot Group in 2017 and, while he is new to this industry, Alex is a quick learner and likes to challenge himself through problem solving. So, he is excited to work in the Chariot Group’s Service Center.

Alex is an experienced people manager and technical expert, skilled at managing teams, setting organizational priorities, and developing efficient procedures. Known for his ability to bring out excellence in individuals , he strives to motivate team members to achieve their potential while working towards common goals.

A U.S. Marine Corps veteran, Alex deployed four times overseas, serving in many different countries throughout the middle east and pacific regions. As an Amphibious Assault Vehicle Commander, he oversaw a section of four vehicles, their crews, and associated equipment. Additionally, he served as his platoons Equipment Inventory Audit Representative taking inventory of, ordering, and tracking over $100,000 worth of tools and equipment associated with 12 vehicles.