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“If we don’t do our jobs well, you won’t think well of us and honestly, that’s not good enough. Our installation project teams are committed to planning and managing your projects well!”

Good installation begins with a thorough understanding of the project. It involves careful preparation, an eye on safety and structural standards, attention to detail and quality, cleanliness, and an appreciation and respect for working in your facility.

Planning and Project Management

Whether you need a simple install of an interactive flat panel or a complex integrated system, we consider each job an important one and we take pride in ensuring the installation goes smoothly.

We engage in a thorough review of your requirements, the audiovisual system design and your space so we can effectively identify the labor, materials and schedule that best suits your needs and availability. By following best practices and sound project management principals, we can ensure your job is completed with the least amount of disruption to your business operations.

Installation and Integration

We like magic and we know we are responsible for setting the stage for it. Our specialized install and integration teams have a thorough understanding of building and equipment specifications and standards. They are committed to productivity and safety, and have a proven track record of quality installation and integration. In a nutshell, they make sure all the necessary parts and pieces are where they need to be so you can make the magic happen.

Training and Client Enablement

Your success is our success! We want you to use the space and be happy with what you’ve purchased. That being said, when we finish a project, whether it be a simple job or complex integrated room, we leave you with the knowledge to make the space work well and efficiently.