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Case Study: Mevo x Shelton School

Case Study: Mevo x Shelton School

POV: Thomas Pulley

As communities progress through the pandemic and learn how to grapple with the “new normals” that appear here to stay, educators are learning how to be quickly adaptive. This includes individually learning new skills that are being adopted into classrooms. Changing a well-established process and flipping it upside down can be extremely disruptive. Expecting educators to intuitively know what to do next, or what is best, is likely an impossible challenge. No teacher has background teaching effectively during a pandemic and using new technology presents additional nuances. It’s all new, confusing, and unknown but knowing where to look for ideas and seeing what some school districts have adopted throughout the last two years is incredible. In this video you’ll see one school’s response to the changing education environment, and how they are learning to adapt for better teaching of students both in-person and at home.


Logitech Case Study: Mevo x Shelton School