The Chariot Group


Connecting Intent with Results


We serve enterprise. From large regional entities to multiple Fortune 100 firms, building long-standing trust is the cornerstone of our client relationships. This foundation lays the groundwork for implementing effective systems, establishing dynamic processes and framing the future experience large organizations demand from their service providers.


Education – intentional learning, is a life-long endeavor. Designing and implementing technical systems that are intuitive and meet the demands of today’s educators and the quickly evolving education landscape is our mission.

Federal Government:

Requirements simple or sophisticated, open-use or secure, our mission serving the federal government since 1999 is to connect the critical components, problem solve and develop solutions that move work efficiently forward. From high-security environments for the military or federal courts, to standard meeting or training environments, we have the experience, expertise and contract relationships that government demands.

State & Local:

Vision. Imagination. Adaptability, Flexibility. Government requirements are diverse serving a wide population of constituents. Through skilled consultation, we design, implement and provide service expertise to build collaborative and connected facilities from training centers to emergency operation centers, conference rooms to legislative hearing rooms, and more. Our objective is to ensure capabilities align with goals.