“If we are doing our job properly, your business will be more successful, you’ll accomplish what you desired and your work will be infinitely easier.”

With over 100 years of collective experience in audiovisual technology and solutions, we set the standard for expertise, creativity, and service. Through inquiry, research and consultation, we will provide you with various integrative solutions so you can get your work done.


What Are Your Goals?

Our goal is to ensure we offer solutions and ideas that help you accomplish your goals, and to that end, we need to know what your challenges are.

“What outcome do you want?”
“What barriers currently exist with communicating and collaborating?”
“What challenges emerge when your workforce or customers try to overcome those barriers?”
“What tools have you used in the past to better communicate and collaborate?”
“How effective have the previous tools and solutions been?”

Engaging with you with questions like the ones above help us fully understand where you are and where you hope to be.


Endless Possibilities

We like to be “in the know” and since 1999, The Chariot Group’s team has served as the “go to” crew who knows what tools are available and what tools are emerging in the market. Through consistent and timely interaction and collaboration with manufacturers, industry leaders and distribution partners, our team stays abreast of a host of possibilities and solutions in this ever-changing field.


Team Member

We pride ourselves on being a trusted member of your team. Part of building trust is demonstrating empathy and understanding regarding what you need, what you fear, what you can afford, etc. We strive to match your functional requirements with operational simplicity so technology becomes a tool, not a barrier, and you, your team and your organization can get better collaboration and improved performance.