The Chariot Group

Why Us?

A Cautionary Tale

Because we can!

That sounds trite but let’s be honest: not everybody can.  It is incredibly complex to make things simple and technology that is difficult to use does not get used.  The Chariot Group is the perfect size between an economy of scale and attention to your detail.  We understand that other options may seem more attractive up front, but they typically end up costing more in the long run.  Let’s put it in dollars and cents and look at an example:

The Chariot Group, a leading audiovisual solutions provider, submitted a comprehensive proposal for Company A’s large-scale AV project, with a bid of $179,000. Despite the competitive nature of the bid, a rival firm secured the contract with a lower offer of $156,000.

However, the implementation proved problematic, with persistent issues plaguing the system for 18 months. Recognizing The Chariot Group’s reputation for reliability and expertise,

 Company A ultimately engaged our services to rectify the situation. The necessary corrections and upgrades amounted to an additional $35,000 investment.

A thorough analysis of the impact revealed significant operational inefficiencies during the 18-month period of suboptimal performance. Company A reported 212 hours of lost productivity directly attributable to AV system failures, translating to approximately $7,000 in opportunity costs. Moreover, the company experienced a marginal but noteworthy impact on its professional reputation due to these technical difficulties.

In retrospect, opting for The Chariot Group’s initial proposal would have yielded substantial benefits. The company could have realized savings of nearly $20,000, avoided considerable operational disruptions, and preserved its impeccable reputation. This case underscores the importance of prioritizing quality and expertise over initial cost savings in mission-critical technology investments.

The Right Stuff

The Chariot Group has the right stuff to take meeting your audiovisual needs to the highest level! Our team brings together top-tier education in the latest AV technologies, extensive hands-on experience across diverse projects, and an unwavering motivation to deliver excellence.

Our technicians hold advanced degrees and certifications in audiovisual engineering, ensuring we stay ahead of industry innovations. With years of experience servicing clients from Fortune 500 companies to cutting-edge startups, we’ve honed our skills to tackle any AV challenge.

What truly sets us apart is our passion. We’re driven by a commitment to transforming spaces through seamless audiovisual integration. Whether it’s a state-of-the-art conference room or an immersive entertainment venue, we approach every project with enthusiasm and dedication.

We have a great team that enjoys working together and it shows!

We encourage you to check out our competitors and gather information!  And if you go with them, don’t worry – we will still be around later to fix it…