The Chariot Group


Expertise Delivered

Every company is different and every need unique. Our mission is to complement your teams’ capabilities and to maximize the operational potential of your audiovisual and collaboration systems.

Designed to Serve

Our service offering is purposefully configurable to leverage your teams’ abilities while merging function with outcomes. Our intent is to provide seamless solutions that are turnkey end-to-end regardless of a project’s complexity or simplicity. We are here to help.

Maximizing Return

Technology should be transparent! Correctly installed and properly functioning technical solution should complement your efforts, not detract. Proper servicing and regular maintenance of your audiovisual system is essential to maximize your team’s productivity.

Additional Services

Onsite or Field Service Repairs and Support

The CHARIOT Group’s knowledgeable team is equipped to effectively provide field service troubleshooting, break/fix support, and dedicated onsite support to ensure your integrated solutions are operable at all times

Phone Support

The CHARIOT Group offers a team of remote service professionals ready to assist you with both technical and end-user troubleshooting and support.

Customer Portal

The CHARIOT Group has its own proprietary customer portal, MySupport, which allows you a self-service option to open, track and manage your service calls, trouble tickets and Return Material Authorization (RMAs)

Audiovisual Systems Inventory and Evaluation

Sometimes, you don’t know what you have, what it is supposed to do, or how you are supposed to use it. Whether you have an inherited system, an archaic system or a system designed and installed by others, our team can perform a thorough inventory and evaluation. Our findings report will enable you to better understand what you are working with, what can be used or re-used, or what needs replacing so you can optimize your resources and get back to work!


Our team of expert professionals develops training and instruction for end users to ensure quick and easy adoption of the collaborative solutions. Whether the training is how to use a specific piece of equipment or software or how to better utilize an integrated solution for improved performance, our trainers can deliver these services on your premises, online or they can model the technology in our own conference centers.