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“Seriously?” That was what Denise said when Rick came up with the idea of starting their own business back in the late 90s. As the folklore goes, she fended him off for quite some time as she plugged away at her job in Finance for a telecommunications firm. But Rick is persistent and Denise, while… Read more »

Mark has been in the IT and AV systems integration industry since 1992 and is proud to say he has maintained positive relationships with his customers for just as long! With a degree in electrical engineering and an extensive background in AV systems and client consultative services, Mark is highly qualified to understand the unique… Read more »

Heather has been with The Chariot Group since 2005. She considers working in this industry to be a bit like living on the Starship Enterprise and enjoys the constant innovation and change to products and solutions. She is passionate about education, specifically, providing optimum learning opportunities for our children. That being said, she has dedicated… Read more »

Dan began his career in this industry in 2008 and, from day one, has been passionate about organizational effectiveness and improvement. He is committed to gaining a thorough understanding of his clients’ vision and their quest for optimizing efficiency and effectiveness. Dan appreciates the value of time and recognizes the importance of capitalizing on this… Read more »

Jeff loves Alaska and wants to ensure the state has a viable economy for years to come so his kids and grandkids have the opportunity to enjoy it with him. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and has been in the audiovisual industry since 2004. He knows, without a doubt, that businesses need… Read more »

Value Optimized Integrating multiple meeting technologies into an organization’s workplace, workflow and culture requires more than technical skills. It demands an attention to detail and a keen understanding and respect for the client’s project vision. Technology is merely a facilitation tool. Effectively fusing application with a well-developed implementation strategy is the combination that determines value.… Read more »

Every company is different and every need unique. Our mission is to complement your teams’ capabilities and to maximize the operational potential of your audiovisual and collaboration systems. Designed to Serve Our service offering is purposefully configurable to leverage your teams’ abilities while merging function with outcomes. Our intent is to provide seamless solutions that… Read more »

What are your goals and intentions? The answer to this question is the key to implementing successful projects. After all, technology is simply a tool, it is your vision that powers achievement. Experience matters! It is experience that gives rise to the insight and creativity required to translate technology to meet function and purpose. Through… Read more »