The Chariot Group

Learning Accelerated

Extending reach, powering potential

Education Transformed

Innovative technology is transforming education into a more interactive, exciting experience without barriers of place or space. New creative learning spaces using flexible methods and unique tools enhance teaching approaches to improve student understanding, while providing the opportunity for broader engagement with educators in K-12, higher education and corporate professional development.

Cooperative Learning

Collaborative learning environments continue to evolve sparking creativity and cooperation among educators and students. The ability to info-share is fast-tracking the infusion of ideas and diversity of thought while enhancing critical thinking skills so key to connecting the learning dots.

Design and Implementation

Accessibility, flexibility, ease-of-use and understanding information flow is critical when designing and configuring ideal learning systems. There is a synergy achieved merging technology with elements unique to each community, resulting in progressive empowerment that best supports user environments whether in person or online in the classroom, lecture hall and corporate spaces.