The Chariot Group

The Chariot Group Difference

Why The Chariot Group?

We go beyond the boundaries of a traditional online technology provider; our background, experience, product access and pricing sets us apart with relationships cultivated over more than two decades.

Background – As a seasoned commercial audiovisual integrator and contractor with more than 20-years of experience, our team can support and address the demanding needs and compatibility questions that often arise when deploying technical solutions. Moreover, for large projects or long-term planning, our experience and industry relationships allow us to address scalability concerns by engaging manufacturer partners for long-term planning and product roadmap discussions.

Experience – It matters! The average tenure of our team members is more than eight (8) years with many exceeding 12 years. This longevity establishes both an important institutional knowledge capacity and an operational cohesiveness that creates a substantial and positive differentiator for both our partners and customers.

 Access – Manufacturers often differentiate their distribution channels and thus access to product categories based on classification; product distributor vs. systems integrator as an example. As a result, The Chariot Group often has access to products typically not available to online resellers.

Price – In addition to a unique and specialized product mix, the fact that manufacturers recognize The Chariot Group as a well-established system integrator often carries the benefit of preferred pricing and upgraded warranties.