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Inside America’s Broken Supply Chain

Inside America’s Broken Supply Chain

POV: Thomas Pulley

It’s scary out there – and not just because Halloween is approaching.  Typical products are getting hard to find. Shipping prices are soaring shipping. Local stores are shelves sparsely stocked. If you’ve managed to not notice the immense shipping woes currently affecting the US and much of the globe you must be a self-sustaining sovereign nation.

Shippers have not been able catch up or even keep up with the logistical problems initiated by the global pandemic. Container ships are stacking up outside of Southern California ports, containers are being left at railyards due to trucker shortages, and truckers are having to wait hours to be able to pick up goods and leave these shipping yards. The problem isn’t going to fix itself, nor is there any light at the end of the tunnel with woes expected to continue into and throughout 2022. The Washington Post article, Inside America’s Broken Supply Chain, outlines how and why product costs and shipping costs have increased exponentially within the past year. Looking ahead, experts anticipate that logistical issues will continue to mount and overwhelm our ports and railyards. During a time of immense strife and uncertainty it’s important to stay calm, remain kind, and remember we are all in this together. At least until zombies start rising…. Happy Halloween.

The Washington Post: Inside America’s Broken Supply Chain