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Strong partnerships are the performance drivers of successful businesses. As knowledge brokers, we work with other progressive innovators to identify the latest in audiovisual technologies and collaborate to create a future that transforms the way people communicate. Advancing new ideas empowers clients with the right solutions. The Chariot Group’s Online Marketplace is accessible and streamlines the ordering process approach immediately serves state/local government, education and non-profit requirements. Read More

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Step 1: Register with OMNIA Partners. OMNIA Partners, Public Sector is the nation’s largest and most experienced cooperative purchasing organization dedicated to public sector procurement. Their immense purchasing power and world-class suppliers have produced a comprehensive portfolio of cooperative contracts and partnerships, making OMNIA Partners the most valued and trusted resource for organizations nationwide. Find out more about OMNIA Partner’s Cooperative Contract with The Chariot Group here.

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Step 2: Register for The Chariot Group’s Online Marketplace. As a member of The Chariot Group’s Online Marketplace you will have access to powerful tools for active learning at preferred pricing. The streamlined ordering process makes *your company’s products* more accessible to *identified audience* immediately. The Online Marketplace also offers members consulting services to help ensure products and services selected align with customer requirements scalable to meet long-term visioning.

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Service Customer Value Highlights:

Market Area – The Chariot Group’s Marketplace serves customers nationwide. Most products ship directly from manufacturer partner distribution centers for streamlined efficiencies.

Sales Support – The Chariot Group provides complimentary sales consulting services to help ensure the product(s) and services selected align with and support customer requirements and standards. More robust consulting, design and implementation services are available at additional cost.

Warranties – The Chariot Group represents a wide variety of manufactures and their associated products. We guarantee that all products sold are factory-fresh and covered by their full manufacturer warranty. Additionally, The Chariot Group’s premium Value-Added Reseller (VAR) designation with many manufacturers often provides upgraded/extended warranty benefits at no additional cost.

Service Support – The Chariot Group’s knowledgeable service team is available to assist customers. From warranty service requests, to product returns and technical support needs we are here to help.

The Online Marketplace features MySupport™. This feature provides authorized users with 24/7 access to a customized self-service option to open, track and manage trouble tickets, service calls and Return Material Authorizations (RMAs).

Evaluation Product – The Chariot Group, in conjunction with its manufacturer partners, is able to offer evaluation units, product samples and/or live demonstrations on many of the products and services offered within the Online Marketplace.

Responsiveness – Speed is one of the primary benefits of The Chariot Group’s Online Marketplace. Customers self-serve, shop, select and checkout in our customized ecommerce environment. Payment is made with a P-Card or by uploading a Purchase Order.

For more sophisticated or complex needs, sales representatives are available to assist. They can even help build the order and send it to the customer for review, approval and purchase.